Lighting Basics: Outdoor Lighting

Bollard Landscape Lighting Outdoor Lighting


Below are the most common types of outdoor lighting, including lights used on the exterior of buildings and in landscaping.

Bollard: This is a short, thick post with a light at the top, typically used for
outdoor parks, grounds and walkways.

Street Light: Light used to illuminate roadways and walkways. Increasingly LED is being used to replace traditionally HID or other types of streetlights.

Floodlight: Is a type of luminaire which employs reflector lamp to disperse
light over a wide beam angle, typically over 20 degrees. Floodlights
are used to light a scene or object to a level much brighter than its
surroundings. Usually they are used to light large areas.

Spotlight: A term referring to a reflector lamp with a tight beam of light, typically
around 10 degrees or less. It comes from the fact that such a lamp
produces a narrow spot of light as opposed to a wide flood of light.

Security Light: These are bright lights used along roadways or around homes and commercial facilities to deter crime.

Entry Light: These are used outside homes or commercial properties to highlight
the entrance to the facility. They have a both a practical and
decorative function.

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