Lighting Basics: Light Controls

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Lighting controls provide the ability to adjust the light level and mood in a room or facility. They also provide flexibility to automatically adjust the light level for energy savings, security and other purposes. Below are some common types of light controls.

Dimmers: A device used to lower the light output of a source, usually by reducing
the wattage at which it is operated. Dimming controls are increasing in popularity as energy conserving devices. Dimmers come in various forms such as rotary, slide, toggle and touch.

Integrated Lighting Controls: A type of lighting control which allows for different preset lighting scenes in a room; the light is controlled by a switch or with a remote control and also through applications on a mobile device.

Motion Sensor: This is a type of lighting control which employs ultrasonic sensing to turn the light on when a sensor detects movement in a defined space.
Motion sensors are mostly used to control utility and security lights or other lights which only need to be on for short periods of time, providing energy savings.

Occupancy Sensors: These light controls automatically turn the lights on or off based on movement in a space. The lights will stay on as long as the room is
occupied. Occupancy sensors maximize energy savings by ensuring that lights are on only when they are needed.

Photocell: This lighting control employs a photocell to detect light intensity in a
given space. Photocells are mostly used to switch on lights at dusk and switch them off at dawn, which is why they are also referred to as dusk-to-dawn sensors.

Pre-set Lighting Controls: Most pre-set lighting controls feature a switch to turn the lights on and off and a slider to adjust the intensity of light. Some pre-set lighting controls are specifically designed for dimming lights to reduce energy

Tri-Level Switching: Control of light source intensity at three discrete levels, in addition to off.

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