Lighting Basics: Indoor Lighting


Below are the most common types of indoor lighting.

Alcove Light: Alcove lighting is a type of indirect lighting which is designed to a
recessed space such as a book shelf. Typically these use fluorescent
or LED fixtures.

Recessed Downlight: A small light fixture recessed into the ceiling that usually
concentrates the light in a downward direction.

Track Lighting: Is a type of lighting where the fixtures are attached on a continuous track-like device which contains electrical conductors. Track lights are
typically mounted to ceilings or walks or hung with rods.

Sconce: Is a type of light fixture which is attached to a wall, with the light
typically directed up, but it can also face down. Sconces are often used
to frame doorways or to line a hallway or corridor.

Torchiere: Originally made for candelsticks, todays torchiere lights are tall thin
standing lamps which provides uplighting.

Troffer: A long, recessed lighting unit, usually installed in an opening in the

Valance Light: Lighting from light sources on a wall typically above eye level, shielded by horizontal panels. The light may be upward or downward directed.



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