Lighting Basics: Commercial Lighting

commercial lighting High Bay LED Lighting Sign Lighting Street Lighting Wall Lighting

There are a wide range of lights that are designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications. These lights are generally more durable, energy efficiency and provide greater flexibility for use in specific situations. Below are some commonly used commercial lights.

Hazardous Location Lighting: Lights designed for use in hazardous locations such mines or industrial facilities which require a more hardy fixture that may also be explosion and water proof.

High Bay Lighting: These are various fixture designed for large spaces such as retail big box stores, warehouse and factories. Typically the mounting height is
greater than 20 feet. Increasingly manufacturers are producing LED high bay lights.

Low Bay Lighting: These are a series of commercial lights typically designed for heights less than 20 feet. They are used for specific applications such as
assembly lines, manufacturing areas, warehouses and parking lots.

Sign Lighting: This category of fixtures is typically used for bordering or lighting a sign. Historically they were neon or fluorescent, but today they are increasingly LED.

Suspended Lighting: These lights come in a wide range of configurations, shapes and sizes. Typically they provide ambient, direct and indirect lighting for commercial and industrial applications.

Under-Cabinet Lighting: Lighting that is typically mounted under a cabinet or shelf to produce targeted lighting for a particular area. Under-cabinet lights are
available in linear strips or as a round puck lights and are typically fluorescent or LED.

Wall-Mounted Light: Wall mounted lights come in a range of types for both indoor and outdoor, including sconces and adjustable wall lights. Typically they
provide accent or task lighting, but also general lighting.

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